Rambo: Last Blood Review


I recently was able to detach myself from working on all things Nostalgia Video and sit down to watch a movie that had been on my list for quite some time now. Rambo: Last Blood (Or, Rambo 5)

When this movie was first announced I was ecstatic. Rambo 4 had done extremely well at the box office, and Stallone, despite getting older and older, always delivers in these badass action flicks. That being the case, it’s really mind boggling to think that this movie wasn’t given the green light sooner.

My initial excitement soon faded when I saw the first images of Stallone as Rambo in this new installment. No headband, no long hair. This just looked like everyday Sly. I immediately got the feeling that this movie was going to be entirely phoned in just for a big payday.

Well, after seeing the film I can say that my doubts were quelled, and I am extremely satisfied with how the Rambo story has ended (that is, if it is truly over).

If your concerns about this movie are similar to how mine were (Stallone looking too old, Stallone BEING too old to play Rambo), then I am here to reassure you; Rambo 5 kicks serious ass.

Even without the long hair, headband, and being 73 years old, Stallone is an animal. You can tell he put himself through serious training, both physically and mentally, to reprise this iconic character perhaps for the last time. At nearly 80 years old, Stallone looks as if he can beat the living piss out of anybody that crosses his path, and in Rambo 5, he does exactly that.

I’m not going to explain the entire plot, as you’re probably vaguely aware of it (Rambo’s “niece” is abducted by sex traffickers in Mexico and he’s on a warpath to bring her home). However what I will say, is that this that this movie is so brutal, it hinges on being a slasher film. Decapitations, hearts being ripped out of chests, etc.

Many have criticized the film for being too over the top. I think that was exactly the goal/vision Stallone had in mind with this being the final installment of the franchise. What better way to go out than with all out war.

Decades of pent up rage is released in the movie’s final act. Every ounce of pain and anger that flowed through the veins of John Rambo is on display in a merciless, ruthless bloodbath.

This movie was an excellent installment into the beloved franchise. A very fun flick that I recommend any Stallone fan checks out.

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