“THE BARN: PART II” Wraps Up Filming At Nostalgia Video

Worlds Collide

An unforgettable weekend has come to an end as Nostalgia Video and the cast & crew for “The Barn: Part II” teamed up to film a scene for the upcoming independent horror sequel.

To say this was a surreal experience would be an understatement. I’m still trying to process the fact that a scene for a legitimate horror movie was filmed right here in my basement.

I typically get a good handul of messages each week via Facebook and Instagram asking where Nostalgia Video is located, what the store hours are, etc. So when director Justin Seaman reached out to me this past summer, I assumed it was just someone else who was a bit confused on how this whole basement video store business works.

But when he told me he was the director of the Barn, a film I had seen a number of years ago which I enjoyed tremendously, I jumped at the opportunity to be apart of something so special.  The chance to not only contribute to horror history, but for it to be with a movie I loved – it was a no brainer.

Justin and I stayed in contact throughout the months, planning a target date to shoot, all the while I kept a tight lid on this developing project as I wanted to really surprise the followers of Nostalgia Video.

Leading up to the day of the shoot, I prepped the store by taking certain tapes down and putting certain tapes up to stay consistent with the film’s 1992 timeline. I also rolled out my trusty old school Halloween decorations one more time.

That’s when it started to hit me that these tapes, these vintage Halloween decorations that I had since I was a kid (and am admittedly very sentimental towards), and Nostalgia Video as a whole, were about to become a part of movie history.

The cast and crew arrived on Saturday morning. A nicer group of people could not have walked through that door. It was a pleasure to be on set and “in the trenches” helping them throughout the day with whatever I could. Class and professionalism all the way. No one complained, no one carried a bad attitude – in fact, we all had a blast roaming the aisles of the store, picking up tapes, looking at covers, making fun of some movies and praising others. A bunch of movie fans hanging out in my basement video store. What else could I ask for?

The Barn Part 2 cast and crew pose for a photo in Nostalgia Video

For as crazy as this past winter was with Nostalgia Video making the rounds on Youtube, LADbible, DailyMail, etc, this felt like the official stamp of approval. It was a real honor to be a part of. It makes me extremely excited for what the future holds, and what other doors may open up. Stay tuned!

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