10 Underrated WWF Theme Songs

Here’s a list of 10 WWF Theme songs that don’t necessarily get the publicity, attention, notoriety, etc. as other classics such as “Glass Shatters”, Sexy Boy”, and “Real American”, yet they undeniably kick some major ass.

You’ll notice most of these songs are very heavy, giving them excellent repeat value in the gym. And Virgil’s theme is on the list too.

Some songs I’ll have comments on, others just speak for themselves.

These are ranked 10-1, but I wouldn’t focus too heavily on the rankings. A l0t of them are interchangeable. Just sit back, relax, and listen to these long forgotten bops.

10. Christian - "Blood Brother"

Starting off more on the obscure side, Christian used “Blood Brother” very briefly in early 2000 (If I’m not mistaken, it was used for when he entered the Royal Rumble that year) This theme can be found on WWF  The Music Volume 4.

9. A-Train - "De-Railer"

8. Virgil - "Poetic Devastation"

Nearly 30 years later and apparently this song is called “Poetic Devastation” all of a sudden.

Either way, this theme SLAPS.

7. Dan Severn - "The Beast"

6. Tugboat

The Tugster’s theme is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine that I can see not many agreeing with. (Probably because of the blaring horns throughout).

*Check out Adam Massacre on YouTube for fantastic heavy metal covers of Dan Severn, Tugboat, and tons more.

5. Rhyno - "Man Beast"

4. Adam Bomb - "Meltdown"

I’m a big Adam Bomb fan, and am of the strong opinion that he will go down as one of the most underutilized talents in not just WWF history, but WCW as well (Notice how over he was as “Wrath” in 1998, only to be utterly buried by Kevin Nash).

For those with keen ears, this theme is essentially the instrumentals of the opening riff of “Dream Warriors” by Dokken!

3. Ahmed Johnson - "Pearl River Rip"

2. Raven - "End of Everything"

Not obscure or forgetten by any means, but I never felt like “End of Everything” by Stereomud received the appropriate credit for just how awesome of a theme it really is.

It’s one of the main reasons why WWF Forceable Entry (2002) is one of the best CD’s in company history.

1. Crush

What can I say? It’s a testosterone overload with a repeat value that’s completely off the charts.

Shaka Brah!

What are some of your favorite underrated wrestling tunes? Let’s hear some in the comments below!

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