Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Custom VHS Display


Catastrophe. Confusion. Loss. The overwhelming devastation caused by the mad Titan Thanos has left what remains of the Avengers reeling. For a while, all hope seems lost…until an opportunity to reverse the damage is presented. Now, the team must assemble once more and do whatever it takes to restore the universe and bring those they lost back.

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Nostalgia Video’s Custom VHS displays are handmade fan creations that bring modern films to life on VHS format! Each custom comes with:

  • A thick and durable box that feels just like the real thing.
  • High quality glossy labels on the tape, (the same kind used back in the day!)
  • A VHS tape with enough reel on it for you to transfer the actual movie on for yourself if you choose!


*Disclaimer – the movie is NOT on the videotape. You will be provided with a blank 6-8 hour VHS and/or VHS tape with enough reel on it if you choose to transfer the movie on for yourself!


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Weight 8 oz