Goosebumps: You Can’t Scare Me Custom VHS Display


Courtney, the school show-off and teacher’s pet, isn’t afraid of anything. Not snakes, not tarantulas, and especially not her fellow classmates Eddie and Hat. She always manages to make them look like losers when they’re trying their best to scare her. But Eddie and Hat have dreamed up the perfect scare once and for all. They’re going to lure Courtney to Muddy Creek and convince her that Mud Monsters are real—and something to truly be afraid of. But, it may be Eddie and Hat who are ghouled!



Nostalgia Video’s Custom Goosebumps VHS tape displays are handmade fan creations. Each custom comes with:

  • High quality glossy label(s) on the tape, (the same kind used back in the day!)
  • A VHS tape with enough reel on it for you to transfer the actual movie/episode on for yourself if you choose!
  • A freshly cleaned clamshell (condition of clamshell may vary slighty)

*Disclaimer – the movie/episode is NOT on the videotape. You will be provided with a blank 6-8 hour VHS and/or VHS tape with enough reel on it if you choose to transfer the movie on for yourself!

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Clamshell Color

Aqua, Baby Blue, Black, Blue, Dark Green, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow