Rugrats: Easter VHS (2002)


A hoppin’ good Rugrats Easter special “Bow Wow Wedding Vows”! It’s springtime and the Easter Bunny’s on the way! Love is in the air and Easter eggs are hidden in the backyard! So why is Tommy so sad? Seems he’s upset because Spike isn’t paying attention to him anymore, choosing to spend his time with Fifi instead. So Angelica tells Tommy that Spike’s in love and the quickest way to put an end to that puppy ‘lovey dovey’ stuff is marriage! That’s when the babies decide to stage a wedding for the pair. It’s not ’til the wedding’s over and the Easter egg hunt’s begun that Spike lures Tommy to an old shed in the Finster’s backyard, where he’s hidden something even more special!


  • Tested and working great
  • Mold free
  • Smoke free



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Weight 10 oz