VHS Goosebumps: A Night In Terror Tower (1996)


Sue and her brother, Eddie, on vacation in London, take a tour of Terror Tower, a scary prison and torture chamber from medieval times. The guide tells the group a horrifying tale of a young prince and princess sentenced to execution in the Tower in the 15th century. Then strange things begin to happen: Sue and Eddie are the only ones to notice the ghoulish wax figures moving as if they were real . . . and ghostly images call out warnings to them. Suddenly, Eddie and Sue find themselves separated from the group! Who is that spooky guide dressed in black? What kind of strange, old English money has suddenly replaced their own? And why can’t Eddie and Sue remember their last name—or where their parents are? These questions haunt them as they travel back in time to the middle ages—trying to escape the fate meant for the young prince and princess in the evil Terror Tower.

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