VHS Rugrats “I Think I Like You” (2000)


I THINK I LIKE YOU. Valentine’s cards…prom dates…weddings. In these four cartoons, the Rugrats try to figure out just what all the excitement is about. Be My Valentine. It’s Valentine’s Day and Cupid’s arrow’s are flying. In this double-length special, we find out who the Rugrat’s hearts really belong to. Jr. Prom. When Suzie’s big sister heads off to the prom, Suzie and Angelica decide to hold a prom of their own. As they get ready, there’s just one question: Who gets to be prom queen? He Saw, She Saw. Chuckie has a crush! Emma is funny and nice and she’s a scaredy cat just like Chuckie. I do. When Angelica decides to conduct a play wedding, the Rugrats soon find out that when two people say “I do” they might be stuck together for “better or…worser.”

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